Heat Trace Cables and Accessories

Raychem Supply provides industry-leading Heat Trace products for every application, from pipe freeze protection to high-temperature process maintenance. With over one billion feet of heat trace installed all around the world, Raychem Supply has the experience and knowledge to provide safe and reliable heat control for your operation.

Our available Heat Trace products are designed for flexibility, offering Self-Regulating, Power-Limiting, Mineral Insulated, and Longline cables. A comprehensive list of components and accessories is also available for a fully integrated Heat Trace solution.

Residential Heat Trace

  • H311
  • H611
  • H612
  • H621
  • H622
  • H900
  • H903
  • H908
  • H910
  • H912
  • H913
  • H914
  • H915
  • H921
  • AMC-F5
  • RM-3
  • RM-4

Commercial Heat Trace

  • GM1XT
  • GM1X
  • GM2XT
  • GM2X

Industrial Heat Trace

  • BTV-CR Series
  • CT Series
  • XL Series
  • XTV Series
  • QTV Series
  • HQTV Series