Heat Trace Cables and Accessories

Raychem Supply provides industry-leading Heat Trace products for every application, from pipe freeze protection to high-temperature process maintenance. With over one billion feet of heat trace installed all around the world, Raychem Supply has the experience and knowledge to provide safe and reliable heat control for your operation.

Our available Heat Trace products are designed for flexibility, offering Self-Regulating, Power-Limiting, Mineral Insulated, and Longline cables. A comprehensive list of components and accessories is also available for a fully integrated Heat Trace solution.

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Power Cable Accessories

The most innovative utilities and industries around the world use our power cable accessories. Designed to withstand environmental extremes and high pollution levels over long operating lifetimes, they help maintain service reliability in both overhead and underground installations.

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Customers the world over use Raychem’s heat-shrinkable tubing instead of standard approaches to insulation, such as taping or molding in place. Raychem heat shrink tubing comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials. When heated, it shrinks to conform to the size and shape of the underlying material—making installation fast and easy.

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TraceTek Leak Detection

TraceTek leak sensor cables detect and locate leaks along their entire length. Our radiation cross-link, conductive polymer technologies and fluoropolymer constructions make the TraceTek leak sensing cables mechanically strong and resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Some of the oldest TraceTek water detection cables have been in continuous service for more than 25 years. Cables are available that detect water, strong acids, aqueous chemicals and various petrochemicals.

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